30th International Course

Advanced Rhinoplasty Techniques

Cadaver Dissection

Fresh frozen cadaver dissection is an important teaching tool and a unique opportunity to gain knowledge of the surgical anatomy and to practice surgical techniques in modern rhinoplasty. A full color dissection manual and supervised hands-on experience is available. The dissection manual consists of a basic and a advanced part, each of which takes two to three hours of practice.
Instruments of the highest quality will be available for each participant


- Conchal graft harvesting (postauricular approach)

- Approaches to the tip
- Non-delivery
- Delivery
- External

- Osseocartilaginous vault surgery
- Hump resection
- Micro-osteotomy


- Septal cartilage harvesting
- Spreader grafts
- Columellar strut
- Shield graft

- Tip suturing techniques
- Interdomal suturing
- Transdomal suturing
- Lateral crural steal suture technique

  1. -Alar base wedge resection
    - Alar flair reduction
    - Nostril size reduction
    - Combination

  2. -Auricular composite graft
    - Partial
    - Complete


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